Student Work Examples

Production design bibles

Production Bible (Art Of's): The student Art of's/Production Bibles shown below are examples of graphically designed books (for print) which capture the production of a 3D animated short from idea-to-completion.

Blogs (Production Diaries): Students keep blogs (production diaries) throughout their time on BA (Hons) Computer Animation Arts. They are encourage to keep a diary of their progress from the start to the end of the course and into their first job roles. Many of the students use their blogs to create their first websites, demo reels, and portfolios.

Both the Production Bibles (Art Of's) and Blogs (Production Diaries) are capture of an educational curriculum designed to instill a professionalism and a balanced artistic/technical outlook towards animation production and future careers. Across 15+ years, I was responsible for curriculum design, teaching, support, and assessment of undergraduate students at all stages of pre-production, production, and post-production alongside helping them to design and create these career/professional focused documents and sites.

More examples of student work can be found here - 2D Production Art , 3D Animated Shorts , & London Shows.

The art of Stellar by Cat Barber & Julien Van Wallendael
Escape Zone 3000.pdf
The art of Escape Zone 3000 by Tom Smith
Bedtime Story.pdf
The art of Bedtime Story by Charlie Serafini
Erl King.pdf
The art of the Erl-King by Peta-Gay Brown & Samantha Niemczyk
Deanna - When.pdf
The art of When by Deanna Crisbacher
Anastasija Strelcova.pdf
The art of Forgotten Summer by Anastasija Strelcova

Student Blog Examples

Megan Robson (2020)

Douy Singsamran (2019)

Paris Lucke (2019)

Tom Smith (2018)

Ryan Brand (2017)

Samantha Niemczyk & Peta-Gaye Brown (2015)

Adriana Laskari (2013)

Leo Tsang (2012)

Frankie Sutton (2020)

Anastasija Strelcova (2019)

Polly Gwinnett (2019)

Rebecca Stapley (2018)

Charles Serafini 2017

Emily Clarkson (2015)

Ruben Martins (2012)

Noah Greenhalgh (2020)

Ellie Row (2019)

Deanna Crisbacher (2018)

Julien Van Wallendael & Cat Barber (2017)

Anthony Faulkner (2016)

Nat Urwin (2014)

Jolanta Jasiulionyte (2012)