Additional Works

Practical & Digital 3D Works: Design, Autodesk Maya, Adobe Photoshop, Vectorworks & Analogue Modelmaking

Commission: Wake Up by John Callaghan - Design, Modelling, Texturing. Rigging, Lighting/Rendering & Animation (2.05 - 2.37 minutes)

Matthew Spradlin Productions: 'That Motorcycle Show' TV Pilot - Design proposals, modeling,texturing, & animation / Autodesk Maya, & Adobe Photoshop

Healing Arts Council: Training of Deep Vein Thrombosis Procedure - Modelling, texturing, & animation / Autodesk Maya, & Adobe Photoshop

Personal Work: 'Dr Snuggles' Toy Proposals - Design proposals, digital modeling & texturing, & practical modelmaking / Vectorworks, Artlantis, & Adobe Photoshop

Book Illustration Commission - Modeled & textured / Vectorworks, Artlantis,, & Adobe Photoshop

Architectural Commission - Digital model & card model for a residential proposal in Pemberly, London / Vectorworks, Artlantis, & Adobe Photoshop

Architectural Commission: - Residential proposal in Chatham, Kent. Modelling, Texturing, & Lighting / Vectorworks, Artlantis, & Adobe Photoshop

George Rome Innes Modelmakers: Physical model of the Ideal City by Charles Le Doux for the Shinbun Museum, Tokyo

Personal Work: Book Illustration: Practical Modelmaking