The Requiem Seven

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Project: At the November performance, conductor Arie van Beek agreed to wear motion sensors for the ninety minutes of the Requiem performance. The data produced from Arie's moment-to-moment movement was captured and, working with a specialised team of staff and alumni, the numerical data was turned into a series of seven curves each representing the seven movements of the Requiem. The seven digital curves were then translated into seven physical sculptures, laser-cut from steel, and sited in the gardens of the Royal Opera House's High House Production Park, Purfleet.

Roles: Senior Lecturer, concept tutor, & technical instructor.

The Requiem's 'Dies Irae' movement as a motion-captured curve.

"I worked on generating ideas for the sculptures in the early phase of the project. Through it, I've managed to break away from doing the same thing that I might normally do. It's allowed me a lot of artistic freedom during the design process. I think my new works will be influenced by this project and allow me to move into new directions, and away from what people might typically expect from a CG Arts graduate." Jordan Buckner

The Dies Irae curve translated into a digital 3D model (left) and final laser-cut form.

"The value of these external projects to our students, the work that goes into working with external partners and the work that the students do is incredible. These projects join the dots with the academic world and the professional world of commissioned art." Jonathan Simms

The seven movements of the Requiem expressed as synesthetic computer generated forms, derived from the conductor's motion-captured curves.

"It's interesting to see how the Requiem can inspire art - I really like that."

Gabrielle Forster-Still, Royal Opera House

Agnus Dei (Jonathan Simms 2014)
Libera Me (Jonathan Simms 2014)
Requiem (Jonathan Simms 2014)
Offertorio (Jonathan Simms 2014)
Lux Aeterna (Jonathan Simms 2014)
Sanctus (Jonathan Simms 2014)
Dies Irae (Jonathan Simms 2014)
All (2014)