Student Work Examples

3D Animated Shorts

3D Animated Shorts: The student work shown below is a snapshot of 15+ years teaching animation and 3D production. Including developing and refining an inclusive and robust three year curriculum that allowed undergraduate students with limited to no prior experience with 3D software or animation to create industry focused animated short films. Featuring, over 200+ hours of bespoke tutorial videos, live demonstrations, lectures, and classroom content. Alongside, giving one to one support, assessment, and written feedback. In 2017 the curriculum was awarded Screenskills accreditation (formerly Skillset) as part of BA (Hons) Computer Animation Arts, Rochester, UK. Key software includes, Autodesk Maya, Mudbox, Arnold, Mental Ray, and Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, and Premiere.

More examples of student work can be found here - 2D Production Art , Production Bibles, & London Shows.

'Stellar' by Cat Barber & Julian Van Wallendael


by Deanna Chrisbacher

'Escape Zone 3000'

by Tom Smith

'The Jellyfish & the Crab'

by Rebecca Stapely


by Deanna Chrisbacher

'Bedtime Story'

by Charlie Serafini

'The Silent Story'

by George Nwosisi

'The Daydreamer'

by Sam Cannon


by Anthony Faulkner

'Experiment IX'

by Tom Farrington

'Pop Princess - Turnaround'

by Charlie Serafini

'Pop Princess - Demo'

by Charlie Serafini


by Will Huntley

'The Time Machine'

by Sam Hayes

'The Oriental West'

by Sam Hayes & Richard Vosper-Carey

'The Baltic Pixie'

by Jolanta Jasiulionyte

'Isle of Cirrus'

by Leo Tsang

'Drawing the Line'

by Noah Greenhalgh

'It's Just a Thought'

by Megan Robson

'Nothing Left'

by Frankie Sutton


by Annie Roberts

'An Audience With'

by David Keefe

'The Minor Key'

by Jordan Buckner


by Jonathan Permaine

'The Bog Goblin'

by Rosalyn Fenton

'Yatara Nu'

by Anita Gill

'Little Things'

by Mike Smallwood


by Deanna Crisbacher


by Dale Sanders & Adrianna Laskari

'Ivan the Bird'

by Jolanta Jasiulionyte

'The Garden of Earthly Delights'

by Tom Beg

'Mothers Day'

by Nat Urwin

'The Final Chapter'

by R. Martins / J. Buckner / E. Shilling


by Emily Clarkson

'Where Lost Things Go'

by Ethan Shilling

'We'll Meet Again'

by Richard Vosper-Carey

'Timothy Winters'

by David Keefe

'The Witches Cottage'

by Sam

'The Shadows of Liminal'

by Samantha Niemczyk

'The Picture of Dorian Gray'

by Tom Beg

'Taxonomy of Laughter'

by Ruby Newland

'The Pied Piper'

by Ethan Clements


by Simon Risbridger

'Whodunnit High'

by Alicja Druzga

'The Earl King'

by S. Niemczyk & PG Brown


by Justin Easton

'How to Catch a Fairy'

by Danielle Gibbs


by Justin Easton

'Dream Cleaners'

by Molly Bolder

'The Leftovers'

by Josh Aldis

'The Witch's HQ'

by Ethan Clements

'Signs You Were Watching a Film By...'

by Julien Van Wallendael

'The Sound Collector'

by Jack White

'De Chirico'

by Charlotte Buchan

'Block A50'

by Ilmi Omar


by Anita Gill

'Tales From Under The Skin'

by Julien Van Wallendael

'Art in the Dockyard'

by Domantas Lukošius

'The Peacock & The Crane'

by Alex Zepharin-Pinnock


by Alex Zepharin-Pinnock

'The Owl & The Pussycat'

by Urvashi Lele

'& Son'

by Pollydoodle Pictures

'Kiro Blade'

by Jon Stewart & Pol Winandy

'The Koi & The Crane'

by Vikki Kerslake


by Steven Payne

'The Life Cycle of a Mushroom'

by Tom Beg

'The Cell Cycle'

by Jake Bryant

'Fighting an Infection'

by Sebastian Schauman

'The Immune System'

by Pol Winandy


by Douy Singsamran

'The Battle of Nery'

by Alex Park

'None of This'

by Ellie Row

'The Lost Boy'

by Graeme Daly

'A Time Aprart'

by Paris Lucke

'Arnold & Ella'

by Polly Gwinnett

'The Beast'

by Heidi Grover

'Piranesi's Prison'

by Kym Mumford

'The Cherry Red Shed'

by Ruth Cann


by Molly Bolder

'Computer Animation Arts'

Showreel 2013

'Computer Animation Arts'

Showreel 2014

'Computer Animation Arts'

Showreel 2015

'Computer Animation Arts'

Showreel 2016

'Computer Animation Arts'

Showreel 2017

'Computer Animation Arts'

Showreel 2018

'Forgotten Summer'

Anastasija Strelcova

'Sleep Tight'

Thomas Sherwood

'Ed Venture'

Louis Belden

'Ed Venture Show Reel'

Louis Belden