Fantastic Voyages

Geek Boutique, The University of Kent, & The University for the Creative Arts

Project: A collaboration between Dr Peter Klappa, Staff, undergraduates, and the Bioscience Department at the University of Kent. Dr Klappa challenges staff and undergraduates to convey biological processes accurately while considering ways in which complex ideas might be represented engagingly to different audiences through animation.

Roles: Producer, director, concept tutor, & technical instructor.

Hookworm (Tales from Under the Skin) / Julien Van Wallendael
Infection By HIV / Jonathan Pearmain
Lifecycle Of A Mushroom / Tom Beg
Specific Immune System / Pol Winandy & Jon Stewart
Fighting An Infection / Sebastian Schauman
Leviathan / Deanna Crisbacher
The Cell Cycle / Jake Bryant
Innerspace Adventures / Steven Payne