Student Work Examples

Design / Animated Shorts / Production Bibles / Shows

Production Design

Examples of 15+ years teaching and supporting students in the creation of animation-based 2D design work for 3D production. Including character design, environment design, and prop design through concept/world building exercises, projects, classes, lectures, practical examples, one to one support, assessment, and written feedback.

3D Animated Shorts

A snapshot of 15+ years teaching animation and 3D production. Including developing and refining an inclusive and robust three year curriculum that allowed undergraduate students with limited to no prior experience with 3D software or animation to create industry focused animated short films. Featuring, over 200+ hours of bespoke tutorial videos, live demonstrations, lectures, and classroom content. Alongside, giving one to one support, assessment, and written feedback. In 2017 the curriculum was awarded Screenskills industry-accreditation (formerly Skillset) as part of BA (Hons) Computer Animation Arts, Rochester, UK. Key software includes, Autodesk Maya, Mudbox, Arnold, Mental Ray, and Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, and Premiere.

Production Bible (Art Of's) & Blogs

The student Art of's/Production Bibles & blogs are examples of graphically designed books (for print) which capture the production of a 3D animated short from idea-to-completion. The Production Bibles (Art Of's) are capture of an educational curriculum designed to instill a professionalism and a balanced artistic/technical outlook towards animation production and future careers. I was responsible for curriculum design, teaching, support, and assessment of undergraduate students at all stages of pre-production, production, and post-production alongside helping them to design and create these career/professional focused documents and sites.

Shows & Exhibitions

A series of graduate shows undertaken across a 10 year period. For each new show, a design concept was developed and implemented. My roles included, contributing to the design, organisation, manufacture, instillation, and running of the show. Alongside supporting graduates during their first show experience. In this case, for graduates of BA (Hons) Computer Animation Arts , Rochester, UK who won multiple awards and secured internships, commissions and employment.